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1.HFENG-BLADES takes three steps to guarantee the quality of blades .

A.The raw material .

The largest ingot can reach 3 tons in HFENG-BLADES company .The ingot obtained by this remelting/refining process is very homogeneous and free of internal defects . The segregation of the ingot (called macro-segregations ) are substantially eliminated and the segregations of crystals (called macro-segregations ) are significantly reduced .

The remelted material improve following mechanical characteristics :
   Improved toughness due to increased homogeneity and isotropy
   Improved creep resistance properties
   Best fatigue strength and tenacity properties as well as outstanding tensile strength
   Improved purity

B. Forging every piece of blades .

The largest electro-hydraulic hammer is 4.5 ton .And more than 6 skilled technicians work for us .After forging ,the inside microstructure becomes much closer and the metal grain size becomes much smaller . It can evevate the characteristics and quality of the knife ensuring a longer life .

C. Professional heat treatment technology

HFENG-BLADES company has independent workshop for heat treatment . Couples of skilled technicians work here . Actually , most blades ( thickness ≤100mm) can be fully hardened . Thus ,the blades can be used after repairing until the size reached the Min. design dimension .

Before delivery ,we will check the quality for every piece of blade .According to our data for many years , we seldom receive claim about the quality of our products .

2.HFENG-BLADES accept third party inspection ,like ISO9001 and etc .

In order to improve the customer experience and maintain strict standard in terms of product quality, HFENG-BLADES introduced SGS third party inspection institutions, to escort the product quality. All exports of products for exports must conform to the ISO9001 quality standard, and through strict inspection and testing, product, process, system and service in accordance with national and international regulations and standards.

3.HFENG-BLADES has complete quality feedback system . 

HFENG-BLADES takes responsibility for any failure caused by us , and reproduce new blades for you for free . But we seldom receive claim about the quality of our products . Before the delivery ,we will check the quality for every piece of blades . We will never send out products with problems while don’t inform our customer .

4.HFENG-BLADES also provide analysis and solutions for shear problems .

We can provide technical service from our engineer to assist you in realizing a high quality output.